Electric Department

Working around the clock and in all weather conditions, the Perry Electric Department is the bastion of energy and industry that keeps the businesses and citizens of Perry operating.

The primary responsibility of the Perry Electric Department is to keep the power flowing to the thousands of utility customers within the city limits, and that means that constant, proactive maintenance of the power grid is the order of the day. Working with live electric lines isnít for the faint of heart, but these electric warriors take it in stride.

However, even constant maintenance doesnít mean that everything always goes according to plan. Power outages can strike at any time, in any weather conditions, and for a variety of reasons. When they do, youíll find the Perry Electric Department working diligently to get service restored as quickly as possible.

Thatís not all youíll find them doing, though. Replacing streetlights, servicing electric meters, and locating buried electric lines are just a few of the myriad duties assigned to the Perry Electric Department.

As the largest revenue generator in the Perry Municipal Authority, the Perry Electric Department plays a vital role in the fiscal health of the City of Perry as well. Since the majority of operating funds for the city come not from taxes, as is commonly thought, but from the revenue collected by the utilities that make up the PMA, the importance of the Perry Electric Department to the City of Perry and its residents cannot be understated.

Whatever your electrical needs may be, the Perry Electric Department is working hard to keep you powered up.

Contact the Electric Department

To report an outage, restore electric service, or for any other questions or concerns regarding your electric service, please use the appropriate contact method listed.


(580) 336-4113


(580) 336-4100