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Perry again capitalizes on its Pioneering Spirit in creating a "Community of the Future".

The City of Perry has been selected as a "Community of the Future" by the U.S. Department of Energy Denver Regional Office and Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

What is a "community of the future"?

A community that agrees to coordinate their programs and resources to more effectively advance the use of clean energy technologies and practices. Perry is one of only three cities selected to be a "Community of the Future" in the twelve state area covered by the Denver Regional office of the U.S. Department of Energy. Working with the Denver Regional Office and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Perry will serve as a role model for other cities across America.

What is the purpose of this program?

The purpose of this program is to establish a collaboration to help the City of Perry-create jobs, reduce pollution, save money and achieve other key goals by increasing their energy efficiency and use of renewable energy technologies.

How can I benefit from living in a "community of the future"?

You can benefit from living in a "community of the future" in a number of ways.

  • Save 50% or more in annual heating and cooling costs by utilizing a geothermal, heat pump.
  • Save an additional 20% to 30% per year in electricity costs by using energy star labeled (see opposite page) products. Look for the energy star on appliances, consumer electronics, home office equipment, and lighting. For example, just by replacing standard light bulbs with energy star labeled compact fluorescent light bulbs you will receive the following benefits: 75% less energy 75% less heat last 10 times longer.
  • Installing a wind turbine could lower your electric bill by 50% to 90%.
  • Save as much as 50% on your vehicle's fuel costs by using alternate fuels such as natural gas. In addition, engines last 2 to 3 times longer by burning these cleaner fuels. There are economic incentives through both federal and state tax credits for Alternative Fuel Vehicles.
  • Assistance in designing energy efficiencies into new and existing homes or businesses.
  • Reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil.
  • Reduce air pollution.
  • Educating our young citizens about energy conservation which will ensure a sustainable, energy friendly, community for future generations.

Average Billing

The City of Perry offers the average billing program to help customers budget for utility expenses by allowing customers to pay a monthly payment based on average annual use. This program uses the current bill and outstanding balance added to the previous 11 months to get an average amount that customers pay.

Recalculation occurs at least every four months, or whenever the account balance is one and a half times over or under the current calculated average monthly utility payment plan.

In order to participate in this Program, the customer must:

  • Enroll in the Program during the months of October through December (enrollment is not permitted at any other time of the year).
  • Be a utility customer of the City of Perry for at least one year at the same address prior to the date of signing up and have a zero balance.
  • Have had no late fees assessed and/or return checks or drafts for at least one year prior to date of signing up.
  • Must remain enrolled in the Program for at least one year from the date of signing up.
  • Make monthly payments before the 5:00pm on the 20th of each month.

If interested in this program please fill out the form available at City Hall, 622 Cedar Street.

Free Commercial and Residential Energy Audits

The City of Perry partners with the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) to offer both commercial and residential energy audits to our customers. A complete analysis and report will be provided to the building or homeowner.

To schedule an appointment for an audit, call (580) 336-4037.


Ceiling Insulation Rebate Program

The Ways I Save Energy (W.I.S.E.) Ceiling Insulation Rebate Program offers financial incentives to residential electric customers who meet guidelines regarding energy-efficiency improvements accomplished with ceiling insulation in their homes.

Guidelines | Brochure | Application

WISE Loan Program

The WISE Loan program offers low-interest financing to qualified customers for approved energy-saving measures. Some of the approved measures include heat pumps, electric water heaters, insulation, programmable thermostats, weather-stripping and more. Both secured (home equity) and unsecured loans are available.

Click here for more information about the WISE Loan Program.

Automatic Bank Draft Program

The Automatic Bank Draft Program is designed to make paying your bill an easy and automatic process. With this program, you authorize the utility to make automatic bank withdrawals to pay the your utility account during each billing cycle. Utility bills will typically be withdrawn on or soon after the 12th of each month.

A voided check for the account is necessary to establish this service. If checks are not available on the account then a letter from your bank with the routing and account numbers will be accepted.

If you are interested in this program, please fill out a form available at City Hall, 622 Cedar Street, or print a form by clicking on the link below.

Click here to download the application.

Heat Pump Rebate Program

The City of Perry partners with the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) to offer the WISE Rebate Program to residential customers and subdivision homebuilders who install energy-efficient air conditioners and qualifying electric heat pumps. An energy audit must be performed and the homeowner must install a properly sized new air conditioner or heat pump.

The following rebates are available:

  • Air conditioners - $100/ton for minimum Energy Star SEER rating plus 2
  • Air-Source Heat Pumps - $250/ton for minimum Energy Star SEER rating plus 1
  • Dual-Fuel Heat pumps (Air-source) - $250.00/ton for minimum Energy Star SEER rating plus 1
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps - $800/ton for minimum Energy Star EER rating and have an integrated water heater or Desuperheater for domestic water heating

Current Energy Star minimum ratings are 14.0 SEER for air conditioners and air-source heat pumps, and 17.1 EER for closed loop ground source heat pumps. Please contact the energy office for all stipulations of rebate. All rebate standards amount are subject to review and change as deemed necessary.

Click here for more information about the WISE Rebate Program.

DEEP Program

The Demand and Energy Efficiency Program (DEEP) is intended to assist qualified customers in member cities to reduce their electric service energy demands and costs. The reduction of these demands will help keep energy rates as low as possible and delay the need to add additional OMPA generation capacity to the system.

This program is available to commerical customers only.

Guidelines | Brochure | Application

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City of Perry Energy Office
622 Cedar St
Perry, Oklahoma 73077


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