Perry Municipal Authority

The City's utility services are operated by the Perry Municipal Authority, a public trust with the City as sole beneficiary. These utilities include its water and electric services. The City's main source of revenue is generated by the distribution of municipal power.

Our water plant is capable of producing and distributing enough water for a community twice our size. This fact should be used to promote economic development and/or sales of excess water to other communities and water systems. Maximizing this opportunity could also enhance the revenue stream.

The City of Perry also has four exploitable revenue sources that could be streamlined to increase revenue and/or provide additional services:

  • City Parks and Recreation facilities: The City of Perry is home to two large parks, CCC Lake and Perry Lake. These parks have multiple revenue stream possibilities, including recreational vehicle facilities.
  • Perry Municipal Airport: The Airport has hundreds of acres of prime commercial development property.
  • Industrial Park: The Industrial Park is ideally set with frontage road access to Interstate 35. The City owns additional acreage that could be used.
  • Grace Hill Cemetery has been expanded and computerized to improve services and attract new business.