Street Department

Maintaining a quality road system is paramount to the health of any city. In fact, street maintenance is one of the most important parts of the infrastructure pie. Whether fixing potholes or doing a full street rehabilitation, the Perry Street Department is working hard to keep the citizens of Perry moving as smoothly as possible.

Maintaining the operability of the city streets during inclement weather is another important role for the Perry Street Department. From clearing the streets of debris after a storm to clearing snow and ice to keep the streets from becoming too hazardous, the Street Department is ready day or night, weekdays and weekends, to keep the traffic flowing through the streets of our bustling burg.

The Street Department does more than just maintain the many miles of city streets, though. As with all departments within the City of Perry, the Street Department frequently works in a support capacity to help other departments maintain the city’s vital infrastructure, including water, sewer, and electic services. This cross-departmental support helps the City of Perry operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Contact the Street Department

To report damaged streets, potholes, or for any other questions or concerns regarding city streets, please use the appropriate contact method listed.


(580) 336-4556


(580) 336-4100