Water and Sewer Department

Acting as both recreational areas and supply facilities, water resources are a vital part of the infrastructure of a city. In fact, water is one of the most important resources that a city can control, and Perry has more than enough water resources to meet the needs of the residents.

Operating a modern treatment plant capable of producing millions of gallons of drinking water per day, the Perry Water and Sewer Department has the capacity to keep the residents of Perry properly hydrated for many years to come. The water treatment plant originally drew unprocessed water from Lake Perry, a flood reservoir on the Black Bear creek just a few miles southeast of the city.

Though the plant can still draw and process water from Lake Perry, the primary source of water has shifted to Lake McMurtry via a connection to Perry Lake Park (CCC Lake). The sizable allotment of water is drawn from Lake McMurtry and placed in Perry Lake Park, which serves as both a holding basin and a recreational area. The ability to draw from multiple sources means that Perry has the water resources necessary to sustain considerable growth in the future.

The City of Perry routinely monitors for the presence of contaminates in your drinking water. Click here to see the latest reports.

Contact the Water and Sewer Department

To report a line break, sewer backup, or any other water-related issue, please use the appropriate contact method listed.


(580) 336-4107


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